The Balance Loft is an Integrative Boutique Fitness Studio.


What makes our studio so special is the Infrared Heat that heats objects and NOT the air. So a Warm or HOT class will not be overwhelming and you can breathe. 

The Infrared heat offers a TON of health benefits that detoxify, increase collagen production (look younger), helps get into the muscles for a deeper stretch, joint and muscle pain and since the rays are like the Sun's it helps with Seasonal Depression Disorder. The heat is energizing and literally gets that "chill" out of your bones!

The floors are 1 inch Zebra mats that are antibacterial, nonslip and cushion your feet in Barre and your joints and knees in yoga!

Since we are a boutique studio the staff works together to design your own personalized fitness regimen. The Balance Loft is about balance from the inside out and we want to give you the body to “GO” so you improve your personal performance at a sport. Or just the ability to navigate life with a strong core and flexibility to avoid future unnecessary injuries while alleviating back/hip pain.

This small commitment of a 4-5 hours a week will help you go the distance in life pain free! We also believe the body to “Show” can be achieved at the same time! The Balance Loft is more than willing to come up with a workout plan along with dietary advice and so you can achieve your weight loss goal with ease at 11 State Street! The majority of the yoga classes will be held in a Infrared heated room which will help relieve stiffness, joint issues, aid detoxification and get people who can’t touch their toes there in a class or two! 

The Balance Loft is not a fitness factory and we care about each and every client who comes through it’s doors. We personally want everyone to feel “balanced” and happy every time they leave the studio! 

Our Instructors


Purchases for packages must be used by the expiration date. There is a No Refund or transfer of services policy as well.  

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy for TRX is 24 hrs and 4 hrs for Studio Classes. If you cancel within this time period you will be able to use the TRX or studio class at a later time. We understand that things come up and are open to making an exception to this policy if you contact us promptly at 917.502.1646 and we can make an adjustment to your account. 

Excessive cancellations or No Shows will be charged to your account and you will lose your TRX session. This policy is in place to offer popular time slots to other loyal patrons and make studio classes available with enough notice for others to book in your place.