Be punctual

Arrive at least 15 minutes before class so you can situate your mat in the room where you like it and begin stretching out, meditating, and/or adjusting to the room's heat. 

Observe respectful silence

The studio classroom is peaceful and quiet. If you'd like to carry on conversations with those around you, please remain in the lobby until you've finished talking. Some students practice yoga in a meditative state, so please honor and respect everyone's practice by remaining quiet and peaceful inside the studio space

Bring everything you need for your practice

This is pretty simple... Mat, Water and the ability to show up and walk in! You don't need a mat for Barre and just a bigger water bottle.  PLEASE EAT a light meal before Barre class so you can "fire through" and not run out of gas.

Work together to create space

As the room begins to fill up, work together with those around you to adjust your mat, creating spaces for new mats and adjusting until you find that sweet spot where you can see yourself in the mirror and you have a little room on each side of your mat. When class fills up, you may only have a few inches on each side of your mat; instructors will help you adjust so that you won't disturb others as you practice

Go easy on fragrances

Avoid wearing strong perfumes or scents to class as this may affect the sinuses and allergies of those around you.  You will sweat it all off and out in the first ten minutes anyway!

Clean your immediate area

Gather your things, pick up any trash or water bottles, and return straps, blocks, and water bottles to the side of the room before you exit. 

Plan in advance if you need to leave

Once you're in the room, try to stay there until class is completely finished.  If you need to leave mid-way through, please inform the instructor in advance. We lock the doors during each class, so if you're planning to leave during class, the instructor will need to let you out.  Plan for these exits in advance to disturb practice as little as possible

Respect your instructor

Each instructor will guide you through your practice in her own way, so be mindful and respectful to each person's style and technique. Our guides welcome constructive criticism after each class; find them in the lobby and give them feedback. Instructors also welcome gratitude, so thank them as you leave

Observe final Savasana

You may feel ready to talk and walk around, but some students like to seal off their practice in complete silence. If you must leave before the final x-minute Savasana is complete, please do so immediately after the final breathing exercise as the rest of the class lays down in their Savasana. Once in Savasana, please do your best to stay for x full minutes. This pose is as important as the others, if not more so.