What is hot yoga and why should I try it?

Hot yoga, when done regularly can be life-changing. You will find yourself craving better food, sleeping more soundly, and feeling a general sense of health and well-being.

Hot yoga is the single most vigorous, aerobic, and effective yoga series in the world. Millions of people around the world practice hot yoga because it provides complete health care – physical and mental. Each class consists of a series of postures and a flow that stimulate the muscles, organs and glands, as well as the nervous system. As you progress through the class, you will move freshly-oxygenated blood throughout the body.

While looking good is the goal for most of us, hot yoga provides so much more. In just one class, you will sweat, smile, work, de-stress and improve your overall health, spirit and self-image more than you can imagine! With a dedicated practice, you will benefit from increased stamina, flexibility, strength and balance. The surprise will come when you discover you have increased concentration, patience, determination and self-control.

Hot yoga will restore your body. It is a true prescription for overall health. Hot yoga can relieve the symptoms of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and more.

Other benefits of hot yoga include: accelerated weight loss, stress reduction, improved balance, more developed muscle tone, lower blood pressure, headache relief, improved concentration and a greater love of life!

You don’t need to be especially flexible or incredibly fit to do this yoga. You just need to do it. The results speak for themselves.

What role does heat play?

Warming your muscles enables you to achieve higher degrees of flexibility while practicing.  The benefits are significant and include:

Quickly Increase Flexibility – Infrared heat directly warms the muscles allowing for greater flexibility & range of motion.

Increase Circulation & Heart Rate - Infrared heat opens up the capillaries, which oxygenates the organs and lowers blood pressure.

Detoxifying Sweat - Infrared heat causes water molecules in the body to vibrate, which wrings out the organs and creates a detoxifying sweat much more rapidly than classic forced hot air heating systems.

Weight Loss - When the body absorbs infrared heat, its natural cooling system kicks in, which burns calories and promotes weight loss much faster than traditional heating systems.

Pain Relief - Infrared heat directly penetrates tissue, muscles and joints, allowing them to heal and regenerate.

Typically, hot yoga is practiced in a room heated to 100+ degrees with 40%+ humidity to warm the muscles, help prevent injuries, and allow a deeper workout. We take a very different approach to heating your muscles. To learn more about this read [whatever the title is to the right FAQ]

What if I'm not flexible and can barely touch my toes?

Have no fear! The most common misconception that prevents people from coming to yoga classes is that the student must be flexible. Yoga is not about how flexible you are; rather it's about moving and optimizing your body, spine, and mind to develop and increase your strength, balance, flexibility, general health and happiness.

Is hot yoga right for me?

Yes. Simply put, hot yoga is a great workout. The poses require strength and balance but also provide a surprising amount of cardiovascular work. We are constantly being told by experienced athletes that yoga is an extremely effective workout. If you dedicate yourself to a practice, you will most certainly see physical benefits. You might also discover that you're becoming happier and more peaceful-most do!

How should I prepare?

Your first class is typically the most challenging, regardless of what physical shape you are in. You work hard, everything is new, the body is detoxifying, and the heat can be tiring. But keep heart! Most new students claim a great feeling of well-being after just one class. Usually by the third class, they are hooked on the practice of hot yoga. Unlike other forms of physical conditioning, yoga can be practiced every day.

What about classes for the beginner?

All levels practice together. An advanced practitioner is usually so focused on their own practice that he or she is nearly unaware of what is happening around them. For the beginner, plenty of verbal instruction is given, but if you are uncertain as to what to do, a quick peek at the more experienced practitioner in the class will clear things up. We do have a "warming up to hot yoga class" at [time] on [day]-it has lower heat and offers a gentle introduction to the poses for those who want to take it slow. You are encouraged, however, to move at your own pace in every class. We never put any pressure on you. The atmosphere in our classes is loving and inclusive, so no worries.

How often should I come to class?

There are no set rules for how often to practice. Hot yoga is an excellent path to physical fitness for busy people because one can realize many benefits from practicing two or three times a week. Unlike sports and other types of exercise, however, yoga is difficult to overdo. The more often you come, the greater the benefits.